We consider that it is important to take into account the existing and to lean on him. It is a question, for the company, of strengthening its key points and of reducing its weak points, of giving itself new priorities, of creating. That is why, our first mission is the analysis and the measure of the existing in the organization, to establish, for her, a balance sheet and an evaluation of all its key points and its needs, function by function.





After this assessment and this evaluation, in perfect agreement with the Customer, we elaborate customized solutions to reach realistic objectives and we propose actions of progress giving quickly visible results.





If our Customer wishes it, we intervene in the company to promote the decided actions, explain the step, convince the persons concerned to adhere to it, animate trainings to form the staff of the Customer in the implemented of the processes.


Read the Montesquieu Letter.





After the implemented of the actions and the process of optimization we measure, post by post, the level of acquired know-how transmission, as well as the results of productivity were generated by the implemented.





- Consulting in Management of the Customer Relationship,

- Qualitative study of the Customer Relationship,

- Search for the additional Customer Needs,

- Consulting & actions of optimization of stream of business,

- Study of the image perceived by the Customers,

- Consulting in Marketing and commercial strategy,

- Consulting in optimization of organization interns,

- Development & Optimization of H.R,

- Consulting & Actions of Business Development.





- Intermediation in case of conflict,

- Searches and surrounding areas of rare and high profiles,

- Interviews and "Psychoanalysis" of Customer accounts,

- Consulting in strategy.

Questions/Answers !

What is your added value ?

"Montesquieu Consulting intervenes since several years for his Customers, in France, in Europe and on their territories, on their markets and with their Customers under contract, or to conquer. These skills, this expertise and this intercultural knowledge are unmistakably the added values which we put for the benefit of companies and organizations which appeal to us to develop durably in a optimal way."

In what business sectors do you intervene ?

Our Customers are companies and organizations which propose products and services with added value. They work in various sectors such as the computing services, the food-processing industry, the tertiary sector, the governmental, professional organizations and the not profit, the car manufacturers, the universities, High schools, international business schools, etc.