"By means of different exercises and anecdotes, Michael Montesquieu awakens us in a state of mind suited to the commercial prospecting and to the maintenance of good business connections. In the same way, he also put the light at practices and socio-cultural attitudes which can show them crippling, whoever is our profession.


We have then a work of introspection and work on ourselves to assimilate this new state of mind of service, and it for the biggest happiness of our customers."


Christian DOÁN

Expert in solutions intranet & extranet.



"Thank you for the training course: "MAKE A SUCCESS OF YOUR MEETINGS !" During this seminary, I learnt a lot and your documentation is really very useful for me for the preparation of my presentations."






"The bottom is built well, easy to arrest. Tools and methods associated to the Customer mind are applicable at once. It is effective and concrete. Bravo."


"Instructive, livened up fascinating, interesting ! In a few days the vision of my function and my profession totally evolved upward !"


"This seminary allowed me to acquire new tools and new methods necessary and indispensable to the success of my profession by Credit Manager."


"It allowed me to discover and it could easily implement new tools and new methods with the Customer Mind. Very good seminary."


Credit Manager Services

ALTEN Group.


Read the Montesquieu Letter.





"We believe to know our Customers. We think of knowing what they wait for us. We are persuaded of the quality of the services that we provide to them, until the day where...


But how to know? How to make speak a business manager? How to defeat the brakes, can the modesties that exist between two partners because of their education, their history, their mutual respect who hide problems and dissatisfactions ?


It is the mission that we confided to MONTESQUIEU Consulting on the principle of interviews by the Client decision-makers of the agency. This mission and this work allowed us to understand, to improve and to adapt our ways to make and to contain us with our Customers. Furthermore, this personal and qualitative initiative developed at our Customer's the perception of the professionalism of our Agency. For these all reasons, we renew this mission every three years."



Président & Général Director . GALLIER & Associés & A comme André.


"Your seminary : "PHONE BY SUCCESSFULLY !" permitted me to convince a new Customers that before I didn't arrive to join. I use the telephone a lot. The tools, the techniques and especially "the Client mind State" developed and implemented during this seminary permitted me to progress in my profession and I thank you a lot for it."


Julien BOCKEL.

Account Executive Brand Owners Business.


Read the Montesquieu Letter.


"I want to thank JAM for having allowed me to benefit from the training of Montesquieu Consulting.


This seminary :"PHONE BY SUCCESSFULLY !" Took place in a very nice way. It brought me very useful complementary technical elements in the propspection and presentation of my services with my prospects and my Customers.


In a more general way, Michaël Montesquieu called back well to me the importance of the enthusiasm in any human activity. Michaël demonstrated during this training a communication without defect of his enthusiasm which restores unmistakably certain dynamism".


Jérôme AUBERT.

Expert in Financial Information


"Thank you for the documentation which will be necessary for me. Thank you for this fascinating and stimulating seminary "SUCCEDD YOUR APPOINTMENTS !" Thank you for your communicative enthusiasm and your dynamism. My "Small Voice of the Doubt" keeps silent from day to day... I begin to understand this " state of mind " about which you speak and of integrating this, so important, Relation with the Customer !"


Frédérique ARBOUET

Film Director - Journalist.


"This formation gives envy to take action, to see of what we are able !" "A real coaching in Commercial Communication !" "It brought me many elements and confidence in me ! Thank you." "Workshops are surprising and very instructive !" "Very good seminary which helps to take self-confidence and especially to see differently the world of the Company !" "An alive and dynamic Workshop with a lot of enthusiasm. I appreciate a lot, this is a very rich experience !" "This seminary downright exceeded my waits and brought me much more than I waited. Thank you very much !" "This seminary was very enriching and very constructive. It gives confidence and envy to go farther !" "Coaches as you, with this child's soul would be needed !" "Very good seminary alive and interactive!" "We learn many things, in particular on itself !" "Very pragmatic and concrete methodology on the development of customer loyalty !" "What was, for me, only ideas and theory it is revealed to be very concrete and applicable at once !" "Meet with somebody who brought me to modify my way of envisaging the human and commercial relation." "Besides being interactive and instructive this seminary is a call to the consciousness and to the Love, without whom any begun thing is vain."


W.I.B.S. Weller International Business School : Bachelor 2 & 3 - Master 1 & 2.


Read the Montesquieu Letter.